This kitchen renovation required a very particular design mix. The client wanted a moody, sexy vibe but also wanted to take advantage of the natural light and make sure the end-result was a happy daytime space too. 5 kids in the family means it also had to be zero maintenance. Our biggest challenge was how to incorporate all of these elements, in one new construction house in Connecticut.

Our designs added drama with a Jonathan Adler chandelier + created depth and glamour using a wood veneer on the cabinets. Pure white Cesarstone + a porcelain floor checked the keep-it-clean box.  Centering the sink on a pair of double hung windows created a focal point that let the sun shine in while open shelves provide visual interest and, depending on what you display,  allow the introduction of varying shapes and colors to the scheme. A final touch were lucite handles on the built-in refrigerator cabinets suggesting a little shine. In the daytime this kitchen looks fresh + inviting, in the evening, a bit more dramatic and moody. Mission accomplished.