A perfect red saltbox on the exterior, usually means a fairly traditional interior. Not So in this Connecticut house where this Antique with small bedrooms and quirky spaces called out for a modern approach — open spaces, mirrors and reflective materials counter the warmth of natural wood floors paired with natural fiber rugs.  the project started with the kitchen - and a brief that called for a large, open area with a peninsula. Keeping everything white let the view pop! the dining room + main LR —  play up a modern, warm vibe so keeping the brick floor was a must, but we added floating chairs and a neutral paint scheme throughout. Custom artwork on the front wall by Jeff Bortniker plays up a subtle pop-art feel.  UPSTAIRS A MASTER SUITE keeps a new england feel with transom windows but feels lush — while a walk-in closet (never easy in an antique) under the eave of the roof-line gives a dressing room feel. Family bedrooms again make use of eaves and returns in walls to create cozy nooks, highlighted with color + gloss. we were striving for a warm balance and used architecture, texture, material + color to achieve it in this family home.